My wife and I started working with Taylor when we bought our first house in Oakland in 2013. He was instrumental in helping us negotiate a solid deal and working through all the nuances of purchasing in Oakland. A couple of years later, he also helped my in-laws purchase a condo nearby.

Most recently, he worked with us in selling our house in Oakland after we decided to move to the Peninsula. When we were selling our home, he did a great job providing style advice, and helping us find contractors to improve the look and feel of the place prior to taking it to market. The house looked great, and we were very happy with the offer we ended up accepting.

Having worked with Taylor both as buyers and a sellers, and having come to know him personally over the years, we're very happy to recommend him as a real estate agent. He's honest and direct, and knows the area very well. 

As buyers, we never had the experience of him trying to "sell" us on anything that wasn't right. At the same time, he communicated very clearly when something was a good deal (the house we ended up purchasing), and was also quick to suggest we walk away from subpar homes. When we bought our home, he provided us with a list of solid people to help with some additional work the place needed. 

As sellers, Taylor was great at helping us think through the various options we had in getting the house ready to sell, and helped us to spend wisely in making our place appealing to buyers.

In the intense Bay Area real estate world, Taylor's level-headedness, calm, and good humor stand out. Buying and selling homes isn't without its ups and downs, and Taylor helped us navigate these with a minimum of stress. He's attentive to detail, responsive, and happy to do what needs to be done to make things work. He's the sort of person you'll be happy to have on your side whether buying or selling.

Anna B. from Newark, CA

Taylor is the best real estate agent you can get. No, seriously, he's magic and butterflies. My co-worker, who recommended him to us described him as such, and it's true! I've never met a realtor this good! I didn't know they *could* be this good!

He's very knowledgeable and very professional, and you basically feel like you're his only client, even though it definitely isn't the case. He really lays things down in a very accessible way, and his advice and intuition was crucial in us getting our offer accepted.

Buying a house is really stressful, and Taylor is one of those people whose sheer presence makes the stress go away. I wouldn't have made it through this process without an aneurysm if he weren't involved.

Rafael M. from San Francisco, CA


We started looking at homes about a year ago, popping into open houses in San Francisco on the weekends and getting a sense of this crazy market. About 5 months later we saw a property we loved and decided it was time to get serious and had Taylor recommended to us by a colleague who used to be a real estate agent herself and had trained Taylor years ago.

From the get go Taylor was very approachable and easy to talk to, making himself available for phone calls at all hours on evenings and weekends and doing his best to work around our schedule and his other clients' schedules to visit those properties we were really interested in putting in an offer. As many of you know, there's very little negotiating in the San Francisco market these days, and once we started making offers he was never overbearing, and we never felt pushed to put in  more than we were comfortable with, although there were times where we wished he would have provided more advice on what our offer should look like.

That said, as others have noted, Taylor was very patient with us throughout the entire process, never making us feel pressured and always going out of his way to connect with our lender to make sure our offers were made on time and the sellers had everything they needed to make a decision. After about 7 months of often discouraging losses, we finally won an offer on a home in San Francisco and are excited to finally call the city we've lived in for nearly a decade home.

Thanks Taylor for all your support!

Kendra J. from Portland, OR

I lucked out big time!  Taylor was referred to me by an old mutual friend of ours and when I met him I know right away he was the one!  He's the right mix of professionalism and fun.  

Taylor helped me sell a very small condo in Oakland.  It seemed straightforward, but then it got a little complicated, with other owners selling at the same time and I had moved out of state.  Taylor handled EVERYTHING for me.  It was so not stressful working with him.  He made sure everything was fixed up and staged... His promotional items were gorgeous... 

It was my first home sale, so I was nervous, Taylor seemed to know instinctively when to call me and tell me to "breathe," but he also knew when to just let things ride.

In the end my condo sold for 21% over asking, and for much more than the other people in the complex.  I think this is in a large part due to Taylor.  He was amazing and I couldn't recommend him more!  I wish he'd come up to Portland and help me find a house here.  Do yourself a favor if you are selling, contact Taylor right away, he's a joy to work with.