Taylor was a good fit for my wife and I. During our initial meeting, he met with us to get a feel for what we were looking for, which neighborhoods interested us, and what our budget (not much) was. He set us up with notifications for houses that met our criteria. Afterwards, he gave us space to look around, but let us know he was available any time needed anything. Any time I sent him a listing without an open house, he would get back to me quickly with information and an offer for an appointment. He was straightforward with us, giving us his opinion (which was always spot on) on which houses were going to be way out of our league, despite the list price. Once we found our place, he basically held our nervous little hands through the whole process of making an offer, getting inspections, negotiating with a stubborn seller, and pushing our mortgage officer to finalize the loan on deadline. All this was done with a sense of humor, and we’re really grateful. Taylor also provides buyers with a year of home warranty coverage, which we’ve already taken advantage of. Definitely give him a call.
— Jett S. | 5-Star Yelp Review

Taylor is seriously the best. I don’t even think this review will do him justice.

My husband and I got serious about looking for a home when our son began outgrowing our apartment in San Francisco. Oh we loved that apartment, but there were like 48 stairs (my dad counted) and it was just dangerous. We decided that we wanted to look for a place in Oakland because we still wanted the urban feel, but with more privacy and quiet (we were living above a lady who made crazy noise 24/7, and smoked, and was the worst human on earth and was part of the reason we needed to get out).

We were referred to Taylor by one of my husband’s coworkers and so we went to meet him at his office. He was super patient (especially with a fussy baby in the room) and went through everything that we were looking for in a home. He told us his opinions, but in the end made us feel like we were a team and that he was going to do what was best for us and our family. I could tell right off the bat that I liked him.

Taylor signed us up for notifications on listings and checked in on us. He was not overbearing or neglectful, it was the perfect median. It was enough to let us knew he was there if we needed him, which is definitely my style. He was also super responsive when we had questions or were interested in a listing. He also would send us a note if he saw something that he thought we would be interested in. He made it a point to research potential properties and meet us to look at ones we were interested in. After looking in Oakland/Berkeley/general East Bay for a bit we decided to take a break.

We were being VERY wishy washy on what we wanted and we still had another 5 months left on our rental unit so I told Taylor that we were going to take a little break. He was not irritated one bit and was super supportive and didn’t make us feel bad about changing our minds. He even sent us a note to see where we were at. He NEVER pressured us once to keep on looking or get invested in something we weren’t thrilled about. In fact, he encouraged us to get our feelers out there and look at everything.

After all that uncertainty we decided that we wanted to move to Marin. We felt bad about changing our minds again, but Taylor was not annoyed in the slightest. I saw a listing and went to go see the open house and loved it. I told Taylor and right away he set up to go and view the house with us. Though Marin isn’t his main area, he did all his research, informed us on his thoughts about the property and helped us come up with a competitive, clean, offer and we got it!

Taylor was with us throughout the whole home buying process, calling the listing agents, lenders, and advocating for us during inspections and all the other intricacies that come with buying a home. He really made us feel like we were his only clients. He even came to help us sign the escrow papers and offer explanations on everything that we were signing (we’re first time homebuyers). After the whole process, he has still called to check to make sure everything is going well.

Taylor is not just in it for the sale. He really cares about his clients and what’s in their best interest. He is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional (he’s also a fun guy to be around). We definitely consider him a friend and will use him for all of our future real estate needs.
— Marisa R | 5-Star Yelp Review

Taylor is a great guy and real estate agent! He helped my husband and I navigate buying our first home in San Francisco. He was super knowledgeable, calm and professional throughout the whole process. I was initially nervous to start the process as I had heard about some agents being super pushy but Taylor was a great fit for us as he gave some space but was always available if we needed extra support and guidance. He also provided us with a one year home warranty! I would highly recommend Taylor if you are looking in the bay area and we would definitely work with him again.
— Katie M | 5-Star Yelp Review
Taylor is amazing!!! He helped me and my partner buy our first home. We had no idea what we were doing when we started and didn’t think it was even possible. Taylor helped us learn the process while being kind and professional and making us laugh along the way. He helped us understand each step, was always available for questions and never made us feel like a bother. If I could give him six stars I would.
— Juiene S | 5-Star Yelp Review

I met Taylor at a street fair in Temescal and am so glad I chose him as my real estate agent. Coming from New York and being a first-time homeowner, I knew very little about buying a home, particularly in Oakland, and what that entailed. Taylor was very professional, always available to answer questions or show me a place, extremely responsive and accessible, and clearly knew what he was doing throughout the whole process. He helped me make an offer I was comfortable with, never pressuring me in one direction or another. He is extremely knowledgeable about the market and the entire real estate process, walking me through every step thoughtfully and patiently. He referred me to an excellent lender, and gave me great referrals for everything else I needed.

Even after we closed, he continued to help me sort everything out with the place and offer his help and expertise. He also has a great sense of humor and I really enjoyed spending time with him. I thought buying my first place would be very stressful, but thanks to Taylor, the experience was actually quite enjoyable and fun.
— Lauren J | 5-Star Yelp Review

My wife and I started working with Taylor when we bought our first house in Oakland in 2013. He was instrumental in helping us negotiate a solid deal and working through all the nuances of purchasing in Oakland. A couple of years later, he also helped my in-laws purchase a condo nearby.

Most recently, he worked with us in selling our house in Oakland after we decided to move to the Peninsula. When we were selling our home, he did a great job providing style advice, and helping us find contractors to improve the look and feel of the place prior to taking it to market. The house looked great, and we were very happy with the offer we ended up accepting.

Having worked with Taylor both as buyers and a sellers, and having come to know him personally over the years, we’re very happy to recommend him as a real estate agent. He’s honest and direct, and knows the area very well.

As buyers, we never had the experience of him trying to “sell” us on anything that wasn’t right. At the same time, he communicated very clearly when something was a good deal (the house we ended up purchasing), and was also quick to suggest we walk away from subpar homes. When we bought our home, he provided us with a list of solid people to help with some additional work the place needed.

As sellers, Taylor was great at helping us think through the various options we had in getting the house ready to sell, and helped us to spend wisely in making our place appealing to buyers.

In the intense Bay Area real estate world, Taylor’s level-headedness, calm, and good humor stand out. Buying and selling homes isn’t without its ups and downs, and Taylor helped us navigate these with a minimum of stress. He’s attentive to detail, responsive, and happy to do what needs to be done to make things work. He’s the sort of person you’ll be happy to have on your side whether buying or selling.
— Chris H | 5-Star Yelp Review